Seniors: Savana

So I get through my normal schpeel, and this girl proceeds to tell me that she has modeling experience. Tht is not always a benefit, but Savana sure knew her angles. We had a wonderful afternoon walking around the park and taking advantage of the beautiful landscape!!

Best of luck Seymour HS senior Savana!!

Seniors: Isaiha

Had a great afternoon with this Menahsa HS senior at Doty park, Neenah. Best wishes on a great senior year Isaiha! Remeber… follow your passions (and its much easier to travel while you are young! Where there is a will, there is a way!)

Couples: Future Mr. & Mrs. Tousey

I love watching couples in love. Just happy, innocent, can’t wait to spend our lives together love… And that is certainly what I captured with Chase and his bride-to-be Heather!

Many congrats on your engagement! A huge thanks for letting me caputre these photographs of you leading up to your special day!

Seniors: Taylor

Another cutie out of Clintonville!! This girl and I battled some serious rain, but the pictures sure turned out wonderfully! So happy that she asked me! Congrats on your senior year! Thanks for letting me capture these images of you!…

Can’t wait to get our next sports and fall sessions going!!

Seniors: Adam

If you have ever wanted to meet a crazy mom… this senior takes the cake!! Just kidding. But I did have a really great afternoon with Marion HS senior Adam and his mom Amy! Adam was the winner of my senior session giveaway, and a more deserving young man I have not met!

Best wishes on a great senior year Adam!

Family: Jannusch

So these little men have been part of our family since they were born… and I am certain my son wished that he were one of the twins (although then they’d be triplets). Anyways… it has been so amazing to watch them grow up, so I was so excited when their momma asked me to take some snaps early on Sunday morning! They turned out beautiful!!

Seniors: Allison

Seriously, this girl. She tells me… well I have a really bad serious face, I’m not a model… And to this I say everyone can model. This is a beautiful girl inside and out and is certainly going to do great things. Congrats on your senior year! Thanks for letting me capture these beautiful memories for you!…

Oh wait- we’ve booked 2 more sessions… No more sentimental stuffs… pack the car for round two!

First48: Maverick

It is always fun to watch children interact with their new sibling. This was literally the FIRST MEET… and I don’t think one child missed the belly button!! They were so funny! Such a wonderful time with all 5 of them… Thanks Cory and Michael for letting me capture this for you! Maverick is beautiful!

Click the photos below to enlarge the scale.

Family: Roe

I was there just a few days after their beautiful youngest was born… and watching this family grow and evolve… well it really is like no other! Thank you Sara for always asking me to be part of your memories. I certainly treasure the opportunity!

Misc: Clintonville Rec

Its no secret, I love my local Rec Center… so when they asked me to photograph the facility, well, I was excited to say the least!

Click the pics below for larger scale!

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