Mini Mustangs Daycare Special

Hi Daycare Families!! Have you seen this!?

August Special.jpg

So excited to be offering an August special to our little daycare family! So I just wanted to give you a bit more information. Feel free at anytime to call or text me with your questions…

What does the session include:

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!! This is not a studio set up, so we can meet wherever you would like and have an amazing shoot! Every shoot will include full family pictures, individuals of each child, siblings, mom/dad with children, mom and dad together without children. We will cover it all!!

After the session, I will edit your photos and you will recieve a DVD  of the entire session with the copyright release to unlimited printing.

Booking Need-to-knows:

Yes, this is an August special. But we do not need to shoot during August. As long as the contract is signed, I will uphold the pricing. Shoots must take place before December 31st, 2017. Maybe you want to get photos during the fall colors, or at first snow… here is your chance!

What is the catch:

Notta. $75 is the total cost of the session, no sitting fees, no hidden costs. You will recieve a DVD of the session images within 2 weeks. You’ll be able to print or use the photos at your discretions… Hello Chirstmas Cards?! I am open to reschedules for weather and sickness.

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