No family is perfect and family photos never go perfectly. But those little imperfections are what make the perfect photos and turn into the memories that you will be so glad you captured. If you’re a lover of bold tones, laughter, and seeing your family all snuggled up and cozy — this is a moment curated and captured for you . ’ll help guide you so we can create naturally ‘unposed’ photos that feel nostalgic and candid. I especially love growing with families, capturing your new baby and keeping up with milestones through the years.


Senior year is a great milestone in a young person’s life so make sure your senior pictures aren’t just snapshots, but artistically captured portraits you know you’ll love for many years. Together we will create timeless portraits to tell your high school senior’s story.


Hate being in front of the camera? Don’t worry, everyone does. Luckily, I seem to have been born with this keen ability to making this part of your business journey un-suck PLUS get epic brand visuals.
But there’s people out there that need you, so it’s time to get serious about that legacy you are building.

And I’m ready to help whenever you are. Email me today to get a personalized quote that meets your vision.


Sweet, innocent, indescribable moments. Those very first few days with your newborn are precious. It’s in those moments that your perspective on life is changed forever. Here, you have the chance to lock in that memory so you never lose sight of how it felt to experience something that’s truly impossible to only describe through words.

Lifestyle sessions are best for those that appreciate having the sweet, candid, in-between moments documented.

These photos will be captured on location or in the comfort of your home with two styles: photographing your family all snuggled up, loving on your baby and some individual shots of your newborn.


Each year I imagine and offer pre-styled mini sessions. The 2023 Simply Serena menu includes spring bunny sessions, prom and graduation sessions, sunflower sessions, and a holiday studio opening in September.


Simple… I hated the photos I paid “good money” for after my son was born… And I admit- I may have been born this the how-hard-can-it-really-be gene! By the time my niece was born a few years later, I was able to create the image above. After years of investing in myself and honing my craft, I am proud to be the Momma-Bear-with-a-camera that I am today! And while it may have started as a selfish endeavor to follow my son with a camera when it counts- I’ve grown a business that strives to keep session costs low so that every family can afford capture their beautiful and simple moments.

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