SHE wants a fun portrait experience with images she feels confident in and proud to share.

HE doesn’t think he wants to do them at all.

But YOU want beautiful lasting images and products to cherish long after your senior heads off to college.

Well good news! You get both when you book your senior session with me!
Both you and your senior are sure to have an amazing experience. With a photo shoot customized just for YOUR senior and lots of help selecting your favorite products, the portrait experience is sure to top your list of favorite senior year activities. I realize that not all seniors are excited about getting pictures taken (I’m looking at you, senior guys!!). But even guys who “do it for Mom” admit they had a great time!

Full Portrait Sessions


Senior Feature Sessions


Remember how awkward you felt during school photos when the photographer would pose you? Yeah, we’re not going to do that… I promise that you’re going to smile when you see your photos rather than laughing at how awkward you look (unless your glasses look like mine did in junior high, in which case, I take back my promise).

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS – I’ll use a series of movements and guided poses to get you interacting with the camera in a natural way so your photos won’t look stiff and awkward. Feel free to bring some of your favorite items to interact with that reflect your personal style. I cannot promise that we will use every single thing, but at a minimum we will have some conversation openers! Consider your treasured book, ball from your favorite sport, sunglasses from that awesome collection, or that bomb hat… the options are literally ENDLESS.

Support Squad – Bring a parent or a friend along. That way, you have someone to give you another opinion and make sure that nothing is showing that shouldn’t be. I want you to look – and feel – your best! 

Positive Attitude – The most important tip I can give you is to bring a positive attitude and energy to our session. It is my passion to celebrate the best you – so relax and enjoy the moment!! If you’re having a really down day or feeling anxious, let’s chat before your session. There’s no way we can fix negative energy with Photoshop! 

Incorporating an Animal – I love pets. And I love incorporating them into sessions when possible, but sometimes they have a mind of their own! Please remember to bring an animal wrangler (separate from your support squad). This person should be willing to assist with animal hand-offs as necessary and keep your animal happy and close by. Don’t forget to bring any attention grabbers that your animal likes, as well as their favorite treats!

And a note to mom and dad …while it can be a tendency to try to control the session, please do your best to work with your teen and allow some creative freedom. Shouting “Smile!” at your teen, will not make them feel joyful. The more fun we have- the more that is transferred to the photos.

Just signed up for your senior session? Here are some tips on what to wear and how to prepare…

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