Happy Mother’s Day!

What an amazing, fun, loving, saddening, difficult day we are having.

Every woman is a mother in some way… whether you are bound to a child, to a pet, or just bound by love to another… we all have the qualities for motherhood! Together lets celebrate the beautiful moments that our mothers have blessed us with!

Personally, I have an angel of a mother, a wonderful stepmother that I cherish, many grandmothers, mother’s in law, a sister who is a mother, and countless friends that I am thankful for each day. A huge Mother’s Day hug to each and every one!!

But also remember that many may be struggling on this day over the personal loss of a mother, of becoming a mother, or simply no longer being a physical mommy. Let us support and love each other! Congrats and love to all, and peace to those who need it. And to all the mother’s I have photographed this past year, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your world!

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