Baby Kennedy and her family || 12 days new


Paisley is One!

Happy 1st Birthday to my little birthday buddy Paisley!! 🎉1️⃣❤️ So thankful to mark this wonderful time in the life of this beautiful family!!


Meredith ii 3 months

Sweet at-home shoot with baby Meredith and her family ❤️ Is there really anything better to do on a Saturday morning than pictures, puppies, and vintage Pooh?! || Meredith 3mo. #smmaluegphotography#capturingmemories#inhomefamilysession #simplemoments

Could not decide on my favorite… sorry not sorry!!

Twin Sevens

Happy Seventh Birthday to some of my favorite twinsies Ashlyn and Lindsey!! I have been photographing these girls since their baby shower, and I am so happy to have them in front of my lens again as they turn 7!!


Quinn and Lydia are 3!

Happy Third Birthday to two of the cutest little three year-olds out there!! I have no idea how Momma does it ♥️3️⃣🎈#smmaluegphotography#smmstudio#milestonemini#capturingmemories

Paisley – 6 adorable Months

Just a little girl and a small wash bin ❤️🍂📸

#washbinbaby#fallphotos#christmasphotos #smmaluegphotography#smmstudio#capturingmemories

Wied Family – 2020

We dodged the rain drops and were able to read a sweet story with this amazing family. We were even lucky enough to spot a rainbow just before the rain arrived. Didn’t these shots turn out adorable? But the memories were even better… so I had a hard time holding it to just 10 images. #familyphotoshoot#smmaluegphotography#caughttherainbow#ohtheplacesyoullgo#capturingmemories

Aubree turns 2

No doubt that 2020 has been a different kind of year… but it was still very special. ❣️ Meet Aubree… an immuno-compromised girl that celebrated her special day in a special way: with honks, drive-bye waves, and cupcakes to go – it was perfect, and I could not have enjoyed this mini-session more!! #proudauntwithacamera #LookHowBeautifulRareIs

First48: Alison

Enter baby Alison… making her incredible appearance during Blizzard Evelyn of April! Since I was unable to get to the hospital, we rescheduled for a home shoot. It turned out just as beautiful! Congrats Basia and Brad on your beautiful family of four!

Click the photos below to enlarge the scale.

First48: Rose

Happy Month-a-versary to this beautiful little flower! Baby Rose made her appearance during the first snow storm of April 2018!! But truthfully, she was so adorable and so chill, that I would drive through snow to photograph this family again! Congrats Joanna and Michael on the new addition and becomming a family of three!

Click the photos below to enlarge the scale.

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