Ethan – Class of 2022

I knew it was asking a lot of trust when it came to photographing senior Ethan in his Transitions Lenses while being outside. So proud to deliver “the images we’ve dreamed of” to this family!

Many congrats to him and the entire graduating class of 2022 🎓👓🖤


I am currently taking bookings for 2023 seniors | Please contact me today!

Wied Family – 2020

We dodged the rain drops and were able to read a sweet story with this amazing family. We were even lucky enough to spot a rainbow just before the rain arrived. Didn’t these shots turn out adorable? But the memories were even better… so I had a hard time holding it to just 10 images. #familyphotoshoot#smmaluegphotography#caughttherainbow#ohtheplacesyoullgo#capturingmemories

Couples: Alecia and Sherry

I love watching couples in love. Some people just make each other better… and that is certainly what I captured with Alecia and her bride-to-be Sherry!

Many congrats on your engagement! I cannot wait to be part of your wedding celebration later this year!!

First48: Ayla

Some are blessed enough to be part of every moment… and some parents must be away to ensure that those moments happen. This was certainly the case for a local daddy that was stationed overseas during the birth of his beautiful daughter. I was asked by mom to document their amazing moments so that he could cherish even the small moments missed. And even though I couldn’t be there, the homecoming was oh-so-sweet!

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Seniors: Isaiha

Had a great afternoon with this Menahsa HS senior at Doty park, Neenah. Best wishes on a great senior year Isaiha! Remeber… follow your passions (and its much easier to travel while you are young! Where there is a will, there is a way!)

Couples: Future Mr. & Mrs. Tousey

I love watching couples in love. Just happy, innocent, can’t wait to spend our lives together love… And that is certainly what I captured with Chase and his bride-to-be Heather!

Many congrats on your engagement! A huge thanks for letting me caputre these photographs of you leading up to your special day!

First48: Maverick

It is always fun to watch children interact with their new sibling. This was literally the FIRST MEET… and I don’t think one child missed the belly button!! They were so funny! Such a wonderful time with all 5 of them… Thanks Cory and Michael for letting me capture this for you! Maverick is beautiful!

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First48: Ethan

Alright… so he’s my nephew. There is no hiding this fact, but the love between my nephew and his parents was just as incredible to capture as any other baby. I just love this type of work! Thank you so much to mom and dad for allowing me in for your first special moments as a family of 4!!

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Maternity- Becky

So we all know… this is my sister, but she is non-the-less a great client! So I was super excited when she wanted to do some maternity shots! We were even able to get my niece involved… which was super fun.

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First48 – Baby Allison

Welcome beautiful baby Allison. Congrats to new parents Becky and James on their first blessing!!

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