Warner’s Extended Family Session

So happy to see this big guy in front of my lens again this fall! This year we focused on a special family family session with his grandparents! Thanks to this amazing momma for always finding me the best picture bridges! ❤️

Warner || 4 years

#smmaluegphotography #simplemoments #capturingmemories #familysession

The Meverden Family

Family is a gift that lasts forever ♾❤️ Captured these special moments for Grandma Tammy and her beautiful crew!

#smmaluegphotography #capturingmemories #simplemoments #extendedfamilysession

Bousley Family Session

Like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions – but our roots remain as one 🌳📷❤️#smmaluegphotography#extendedfamilysession

Root Family – PART 2

Enjoyed another visit with George and Mary. This time we documented their granddaughter’s visit on a beautiful spring day! We were blessed with the best weather and even got to break out the gardening golf cart for rides! 🌳🖼 Contact me today to get your next family get-together on my calendar!


Root Family Visit

What a great day with my close friends George & Mary and their son’s family!! These two little ladies were absolutely obsessed with their grandparents ❤️☀️ This simple photoshoot was such a way to remember their trip!!


Shroeder Family

Just a quick little family session with this amazing family… such troopers for letting me drag them all over this small farmette in such cold December weather! #familyphotos#familyphotoshoot#simplemoments#smmaluegphotography#capturingmemories

Wied Family – 2020

We dodged the rain drops and were able to read a sweet story with this amazing family. We were even lucky enough to spot a rainbow just before the rain arrived. Didn’t these shots turn out adorable? But the memories were even better… so I had a hard time holding it to just 10 images. #familyphotoshoot#smmaluegphotography#caughttherainbow#ohtheplacesyoullgo#capturingmemories

The Schreibers – 2020

Dad explained that he played on this dam when he was a child… What a perfect place to capture a moment with their family. Find a place that matters to you when you are trying to select a location for your photo shoot.


HEin Family Farm

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” -Rodger Caras

Krueger Family Session

Spent the afternoon with such a fun family at Bergsbaken Sunflower Farms. If you haven’t been out, it really is a neat place to explore and enjoy! Thanks for suggesting such a fun locale!!

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